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About Us

My name is Kameron Berget and I am the prinicipal consultant at The IT Factor Consulting. I offer consulting services around SharePoint and related technologies including Cloud and On Premises. I strive to create great relationships with my customers and help move SharePoint into a business critical system that is both collaborative and innovative.

Throughout my career I have worked with the primary products within the Microsoft stack such as Windows Server, SQL Server, Hyper-V, Active Directory, and Exchange. My passion for SharePoint comes from my desire to work with people to build innovative solutions. SharePoint allows organizations to realize the potential of an electronic process and the ability store, find, and audit information quicker than with your traditional network drives. However, a common mistake is not taking the time upfront to decide how SharePoint can and 'should' be used. That is where ITFC can help. We can help ensure that your migration, upgrade or new install is done in a way that can scale and allow your business to grow. We don't take a 'boil the ocean' approach. We assess the needs and requirements for each feature and plan the build processes accordingly.

We look forward to working with you!