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I run my business on Office 365 and so can you!

Office 365 gives small businesses a way to achieve enterprise-grade features and at a low monthly cost. Additionally, the ramp-up time for these services is minimal where on-premises infrastructure can take weeks or even months. The IT Factor Consulting runs on Office 365 for:

  • Microsoft Exchange (Email)
  • Microsoft Lync (Instant Messaging and Conferencing)
  • Microsoft SharePoint (Collaboration and Public website)

All for under $10 a month.

Office 365 can be deployed in several different configurations, with several different license models. Knowing what is best for your organization is key. Office 365 allows you to implement services in a hybrid model that can coexist with your on premises infrastucture.

When it comes to SharePoint, there is a huge advantage to the cloud. Relieveing your team of managing the overall infrastructure allows more time for SharePoint development and innovation without having to focus on patches, service packs and outages. However, moving to the cloud requires carfeful planning for every organization.

The IT Factor has helped several organizations move or create their SharePoint presence in the Cloud. Contact us today to see how we can help you move ToThe Cloud!